Saturday, April 19, 2008

I want a hover car.

We need hover cars.

Think about it.

They are more versatile in where they can travel.

They could use grass parking lots.

They look really cool

They don't need new roads to be built.

Much less traffic.

They look really really cool.

We've been promised them for years.

They just are cool.

Look at this. How is that not awesome? How is just hovering over a nice calm lake not the best date idea in the world?

I want a hover car.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Velvet Pants

So. It's Friday. And I like Fridays. No- I love them. But who doesn't, really?

I think I'm going to start fickle-blogging. I'll edit posts, delete them, etc. This is almost a stream of consciousness journal.

Mm, morning sun, so much honey/Fill up the cracks and butter my toast/Sleep in my coffee and can't we wait?

Noon, you don't have to come, no not yet/Cartoons can stay on and we can stay in/Waffles and syrup pour some OJ in my cup.

This honied tea and you are all that's left from that warm morning/Why is it so cold and do you turn away/That morning sun is behind a cloud letting you curl into another day.

So I haven't found out about the internship yet.
This is really aggravating.

There's this one tree out my window. I think I love it. It changes colors so much. I've seen it green, yellow, bare, red, crimson. Now it's sort of a gold.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mm, self-esteem.

Sent those lyrics to a song-writer friend of mine.
He thought they were good. I mean, yeah, he could've just been being nice. But I like to think he'd be honest about them with me. He's a good guy, and we've talked about stuff like that before.

So it's nice, knowing somebody thinks I'm good at that. Too bad I can't do crap with music. I have no idea how I'd sing them or whatever. Maybe Jordan'll do something with them.
Here's the conversation, just before it starts I send him the lyrics.

(12:52:50 PM) Jordan: dude
(12:52:52 PM) Jordan: .....
(12:52:53 PM) Jordan: dude
(12:53:03 PM) Arik: Yeah?
(12:53:14 PM) Jordan: those are straight bad ass
(12:53:18 PM) Jordan: no kidding

It's nice having somewhere to write where nobody'll read this. It's kinda funny, you put something out there the whole world to see and it gets ignored. I'm sure if I made it all secretive and whatnot at least three people would want to see what I wrote and write and scribble and thnk.

More Thoughts Expanded

Re: Death

What would I do if somebody I really knew, or whose art I cared about even more died? If, say, my mom or dad died. I've never really felt death. My grandma died in 2001, but she was in Arizona and I never really saw her anyways. It's so abstract to me. Hell, I'm not even afraid of death. The idea of me not waking up, or getting into a car accident doesn't bother me in the least. But if someone close to me died. I don't know. It's strange to imagine, because I can't put it there really.

Re: Nothing

I've been more conscious of not being sincere this week. I mean, I've probably been as sarcastic or cynical as usual, but I've been more aware of it. I dream a lot. I kinda want to start taking notes on my dreams. They tend to be pretty odd. And maybe reveal a lot about me? I'm not sure.

Hands are great. They do so much. Flex bend touch. It's really magical. Watch them move, one finger, then another, and another. Prodding, poking, extending.

Girl you have these eyes so brown and gentle, warm crisp /Sweet pudding that makes me smile and taste/All that cinnamon in the air.
Girl you got these cheeks so red and soft but just that perfect shape/Apple blossoms in a fall so graceful/Filled with fiddles and candy.
Girl you got this thing this thing this thing and I don't know who you are and who am I and who are you to be in my life this way.

Some thoughts

Met a girl.

She's pretty much amazing. And we're dating. And it's great. Sometimes I feel really dumb around her.

The Fruit Bats are a really nice band. I love their sound.

Stanley Cup Playoffs start on Wednesday. Flames and Sharks go at it at 10 PM. I'm a little excited, mostly scared. Sharks are probably the best team in the league right now, Montreal aside.

Writing is good. Gets words out that otherwise get stuck inside.

Charlton Heston died today. Or was it yesterday by now? It's really sad. That man was amazing. You know, with all the deaths this year, Roy Schneider, Heath Ledger, the guy from Popeye's Chicken, nothing really bothered me. I mean, it sucks that Heath died so young. But something about Charlton's death really tears me up. He was so vivid. So alive. Even as an old man, he was calling internet nerds lonely and telling Al Gore to take his guns away from his cold dead fingers.

But he's dead now. And it's weird.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This movie trailer recently got me thinking. How sincere are we? How sincere am I? What does it mean to be sincere?

To be sincere means to speak truly about one's thoughts, feelings, and desires. This does not mean wearing emotions on your sleeve, but just being real. It's so easy to hide behind walls of cynicism, sarcasm, irony, jokes, all of that. It keeps us "safe". But when we're so closed off from what we really feel and what everyone else really feels, it's just an empty security.

For me, I like to think I try and be as sincere as possible. I've actually been working on it a lot the past few months, and I feel like I'm a pretty sincere guy. I know I can be sarcastic and joke around in a way that hurts people's feelings, but I'm working on it. At the end of the day, the way people are so mean to each other just sucks. It's so unnecessary and it sucks. Why did our generation get this way?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Doing List- The first week of April

1. Get a haircut.
2. Do a full painting
3. Get 7 hours of sleep a night
4. Smile
5. Stop acting like you think anyone will ever read this
6. Pray for the Flames to make the post-season
7. Fix my jeans
8. Do laundry
9. Teach myself to rap

This is my current to-do list. I'll probably accomplish two of these. Smiling and laundry. Oh well.
I guess I don't expect anybody to read this. Which I'm okay with. This is half to just order the disjointed thoughts I have. Like right now, my back really hurts. And it sucks. Which might mean no volleyball tomorrow night. I should really decide if I'm going to stick with Spanish or not. And watch how much soda I drink. I was actually going to say "watch (something else I forgot)" but forgot whatever it was I forgot. Oh right! Watch out for sad people.

When I was a kid I really liked shiny things. I think to a degree they still fascinate me.